We have three bookcases in our basement that we have been meaning to let go of for ages. They used to contain many of our books, files and things our son had grown out of.

Recently, we went on a big decluttering mission, managing to empty them for the most part. They are big bookcases so take up quite a bit of room and we decided we wanted that space back.

As they are still decent bookshelves, I wanted them to go to a new home rather than the dump. For months, I’ve wanted to put them on tutti.ch (1) for free but just never seemed to get round to it. My husband also wanted that space back but he also wasn’t doing anything about it.

Yesterday, I said to my husband “Let’s do it together”. I got some homemade ice-cream out of the fridge – it takes a while to thaw – and said let’s treat ourselves once we have posted them.

Together, we went down, emptied a last few items, took a couple of pictures, measured them and went back up to our apartment. My husband pulled open his tutti account and we uploaded the pictures, described and submitted it. All in all, it took us about 30 minutes. Yet we had spent months thinking about it.

We ate our celebratory ice-cream. Within the hour, someone asked “Are they still available?” ☺

What can you do TOGETHER with someone?


1) tutti.ch is a marketplace platform where you can buy and sell things in Switzerland.