“Think bigger in your business” – I received this comment after a masterminding session this weekend and it touched a nerve. When nerves are touched, I know I need to look further. I thought “I don’t know how to think big”. I’m a pretty good action taker but at times I have struggled to see the bigger vision.

I asked my next mastermind group to help me work on thinking bigger. The first mirror they held up was that thinking that I can’t think big was a limiting belief in itself. I took a step back. By telling myself I don’t know how to think big, I was stopping myself from thinking big.

The group gave me great advice, suggesting to think deep, feel more and find my why that’s on the verge of being scary. They suggested listening to what really gets me going, what makes me happy and what my heart and gut tell me.

When I started saying to myself “I can think big”, “I can dream big”, I could already feel the doors starting to open.

I was woken at 2am two nights ago and bigger visions started appearing, I could see myself being a philanthropist, donating to children and education charities. The means to get there scares me, so I know I’m going in the right direction. It’s becoming clearer…

If you also struggle to think big, start by telling yourself “I can think big”