My little boy loves going on a boat so we went on a Small Round Trip on Lake Zurich. As I sat there checking out the beautiful lake houses with boat garages (yes, I would love one), I realised what a different perspective travelling by boat gives.  I’m normally whizzing by on a train or car and don’t see the same things.

Whenever I engage the services of an expert, I get to see things from a whole new perspective. Whether they are giving me an opinion from the body or mind, it’s incredibly helpful to have that extra input. It’s like going on a boat trip instead of the car or train.

I was speaking with Edson Williams, my coaching and accountability buddy, who said that he was happy he had invited a body expert to attend to his clients on a VIP day. His clients and he were able to receive new insights from a completely different view, which complemented his own coaching.

I know about this from my old business Curious Courses, where every course gave a different angle and the more people learnt about themselves, the better. 

So if you find yourself stuck, try a different way. Approach it from the body side with a personal trainer, ask a 6-year-old what they see, do some personality tests, get your hands or feet read, whatever you choose.

Seeing things from a different perspective helps.