We’re all on a lifelong journey of learning. And I am constantly reminded of that.

Last week, as I prepared for my first online course, I felt all sorts of emotions as the sign ups started coming in.

What if I give them too much work and overwhelm them? But what if the course is too simple and I underwhelm them instead? What’s worse?

I’ve been working on the topic of reaching goals for many years, yet in this new format, thoughts and doubts crept in. Speaking with my accountability buddy, he reminded me to trust myself. How often do we need to be reminded of this?

I took it step-by-step, day-by-day. Some of the days, I was proud just to tick off one task, be it setup a welcome email, create a group and get the settings right or create a Facebook ad.

As I setup the components for the course, I was surprised how easy some of it was. It was usually because I had done it before, in my old company or it was similar to a task I do regularly. With other tasks, I needed to take a few deep breaths and get some help.

This goes to show that nothing goes to waste. All the effort you put in now may not produce exactly the results you expect but who knows how it will help in the future.

So I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway.