“What do you want on this trip?”

As we planned a week away from home, we sat down and discussed our expectations for the time away; what we wanted on the trip. 

When the kids break for summer holidays, a whole new system seems to come into play. There’s swimming pools, summer camps, grandparents, travel, holidays and more to be juggled. There are a lot of stakeholders’ needs and expectations to be met. 

By having a family meeting together with the kids and grandparents, everyone has a chance to voice what they want. Even though it may not always be possible to cater to everyone, at least their point has been raised which allows discussion, negotiation and compromise. It was a good exercise to get everyone on the same page. We were, of course, flexible and that the plan was subject to change as we involved others.

It sounds so simple and yet, it can often be neglected and everyone assumes what they want is known. If we are not careful, that’s where people can get upset. So why not check and make sure? Speak up, voice what you want and ask others what they want too.

Even if it is just you, having a moment to reflect on what you want makes it more likely to happen.

Are you on the same page as your family?