“Imagine your every thought tattooed on your body”

When my friend said this, it really made me stop and think. What a way to pay attention to what you think. 

Our thoughts led to feelings which lead to action which lead to results. What we think is so important and it can be easy to fall into patterns of negative thinking so being aware is the first step.

I’m so happy when I come out of a fog cloud of negative thinking. When I’m in it, I’m not seeing clearly and more often than not, I don’t even know I’m in it. So when the fog lifts or I’m sick of it, I’m relieved not to be spending any more time swimming in it.

Whatever thoughts you are thinking, you can also imagine it as building up the neural networks in your brain. So let’s say you are thinking positively, you are strengthening up this area and the same with the negative too. So whichever side you have picked will more likely become the default that you fall back into.

So as a way to become aware, imagine every thought being inked onto your skin. Which has been inked so many times that stand out? Are they positive or negative ones?

If they are ones you don’t want, at least stop inking them. Replace them with something nicer that you would be proud to show off.