I love it when I kill two birds with one stone. Come to think of it, that saying is a bit dramatic and morbid. Maybe I should say, I love it when I get a couple of things done at the same time instead.

My most obvious one is when I’m out running and I’m listening to podcasts and audiobooks. For some of you, you may prefer to use the time listening to your own thoughts or admiring nature but for me, I love that it’s easier for me to exercise as my mind is focusing on the book and I’m learning something new.  Other examples include listening to something while ironing or cooking. 

Not so obvious ones are when I’m working with my accountability buddies. I love spending time with the people and would hang out with them anyway yet at the same time, I’m working on growing my business. If you look at any task, you’ll often find a few benefits rolled into it. 

Let’s say you’re doing your taxes, you’re also getting a good overview of your income and expenditure. Creating your website could mean upping your copywriting and technical skills…you’re probably killing quite a few birds with that task alone. Even with Social Media, you could argue, you are keeping up with the trends – arguable 😉

When do you get a few things done at the same time? I would love to hear your examples, so please share.