It was 10 pm and I had wrapped up the celebration call for my Go go go for your goals course. I sat there with the rest of my bubbly and celebrated with my own mastermind group as we shared stories on how our courses had gone.

Having your own business is a rollercoaster, there are highs one minute and lows the next. It was great seeing the support there is, keeping everyone spirits high.  Everyone over the past month had faced some sort of issue, be it technical, self-doubt or otherwise and still, everyone pulled through.

I take my hat off to the people who ran courses with partners being away, without childcare, whilst travelling, had health issues, etc. There were no excuses, just getting on with it. I’m not saying there were no late nights and stress, I think there were plenty of those but still, they delivered.

That’s what I like about being a part of a mastermind group. The group energy helps you move forward. They suggest ideas, they pick you up when you’re feeling low, they high five you when you are flying high, they are there for you. Because you’re all going through the same thing.

Have you ever been a part of a group that helps you through thick and thin? Join a mastermind group and with the support and strength of the group, see how far you come.