As I was about to leave some work for the following day, I was reminded of something my mum always says to me. Tomorrow has tomorrow’s work. This translates to get the work you want to get done today because there will always be another work tomorrow.

For those that know my mum, she is one of the most productive people I know. I often talk about having beliefs that support you and I think this is one that has supported her over the years to get stuff done.

As easy as we pick up some beliefs that don’t support us, we can also pick up those that do. I have some funny memories of good ones from childhood. When I started school, I would always get some “lucky money”. It’s a Chinese tradition to bring good luck and I would get a spring onion as well. Why a spring onion? In Chinese, it sounds like “clever” so armed with my lucky money and spring onion, I was ready to take on the new term.

Also, before any exam or test, my mum would send me some good energy by putting her finger on me and making a “ttttsssseeee” noise, like filling up a car with petrol. It always gave me an extra boost and I was ready for the test. 

It’s good to acknowledge the positive beliefs and thoughts that help us along the way – what supports you?