I have a friend who I think is really talented. She makes me laugh with her musings. I think she could be a series writer and I regularly tell her this. She laughs along with me.

Have you ever seen potential in others but either they don’t see it themselves or they are afraid to go there? As I work with people overcoming procrastination and going for their goals, I see this quite often. 

People often laugh it off even though deep down, there’s a small seed that goes “That would be cool”. Now when they recognize there is a seed, the next step is to ask themselves if this is something they would like to do and if the answer is a yes, that is already a great start. When you can admit to yourself, you are much further ahead. 

Next, it’s time to find the right environment to support this. When I say environment, this is a lot of areas, it means taking a conscious look at everything and saying “Yes, I want this in my life” and “No, this is not what I want in my life”.

Let’s look at the time for example – do you have enough time to do what it is you want? If not, then what are you going to do to make the time? What about people and resources around you? What do you need?

Do you see your potential?