One, two, three red cars….

When you are on the market for a red car, you start seeing them everywhere. It’s quite magic really, before you didn’t see any of them and then all of a sudden, they are everywhere.

It’s like you turn on a switch in your mind that sets off the radar and this radar now has red cars in it. Once the radar is on, it alerts you every time one passes. Before the radar was switched on, there were still red cars but you weren’t be notified of them.

 This can be can apply it to anything, for good and for bad. When you are looking out for people that support you, then you see it in what people say and what they do for you. If you think people are out to get you, then, unfortunately, you notice it in whatever people say or do too.

Most of us go about our daily life not really thinking about what we want to see, so by consciously deciding this, you are more likely to see it. This is why gratitude journals are such a good idea. When you start thinking about what you are grateful for, you will start seeing more things to be grateful for.

When you know what you are looking for, you’ll start seeing it. What are you going to set your radar for?