“He prompted her with a prompt to take prompt action”

Prompt is an interesting word. As a verb, you can encourage someone. As a noun, it is a cue to do something. As an adjective, it can mean something done immediately, without delay.

You may be familiar with “prompts” in theatres where an actor or actress forget their lines on stage, then they are prompted, i.e. reminded by the prompter. 

There are many ways to use prompts. They can be reminders in your calendar, a post-it note on your door or an inspirational photo in your office. On Tuesday nights, I am reminded that my cleaning lady will visit the next day, so I take prompt action to tidy up so that she can clean. 

They can start your book with an open phrase like “Today, I feel…” or “When I think about my business, I am…” or something like “To me, success means…”. They can help you get through writers’ block and get the creative juices going when journaling.

I often use prompts in my Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions to encourage clients to complete the sentence. So for example, I would give them phrases like “I feel frustrated because…” or “I feel confident when I…” and they fill in the rest. 

As you can see, we are surrounded by prompts wherever we go. Where could you do with some prompting in your life?