“No problem” – I used to say this a lot. I remember saying this to a coach I was working with many years ago and she told me that the subconscious mind would start looking for a problem even if there wasn’t one. It was an interesting concept that I hadn’t even thought of. 

It was probably one of the first times I became aware of how the subconscious mind could be picking up on the language. So rather than saying “No problem”, I starting using “You are welcome” instead. 

This is similar to the “Don’t think of a pink elephant” exercise that I am sure you have done before. Are you now thinking of a pink elephant? It’s because the brain does not process the word don’t. 

Perhaps you are reflecting on the times you have told your kids not to do something, only to find them doing just that. What about the times you are desperately trying not to focus on something, but finding you come to it time and time again because that is what you are thinking about. 

In the audio recordings that I make for my clients, we always phrase it to the positive. We are always turning things around, so for example, disempowered would become empowered, hopeless becomes hopeful, not belonging becomes accepted, etc.

Give your subconscious mind an easier time by focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want.