I asked my friend if I could sit down and talk through some business plans with him. I respect his opinion and he comes from a completely different background to me so I wanted to get a different perspective and insight into the matter.

As I described what I was working on, I was intrigued to see the different tools and methods he used to make decisions. His background is an officer in the military so I loved hearing how he solves problems, based on the time and resources available to them. 

As I talked with my friend, things started to get clearer for me, which areas to focus on and which areas to let go of. It was just a short meeting but it was what I needed to step back and reflect.

A couple of hours later, I had a call with my accountability buddy and continuing with the same conversation, it got so much clearer. It boiled down to if I had an extra hour to spare, where would I use it to have the most impact. 

I’m a verbal processor so just by describing my challenge to someone else already gets my brain whirling. Spending time thinking about it by myself, I would probably get there but it would take me a lot longer. Having someone act like a mirror and sounding board accelerates my progress.

Are you a verbal processor?