When I used to live in London, I would regularly go to Chinatown and get a fix of Dim Sum. Did you know that Dim Sum literally means “To touch the heart”? I am Cantonese so Dim Sum has a special place in my heart. This is the time to meet friends and family over tea and lots of small delicious snacks.

A good friend told me there was a place offering them in Zurich, Uncle Seven Restaurant (1) so I was eager to try them out. Last week, I did. I always wondered why there weren’t restaurants offering dim sum before so I asked the owner how long they had been in business. He said the restaurant opened a couple of years ago. He also told me that many Chinese restaurants had tried offering dim sum in the past but they weren’t successful.

This news really surprised me. He said that it’s only been since there are more Chinese people visiting and people are becoming more interested in Dim Sum that they are able to offer this. Dim sum chefs are hard to come by and expensive. 

My friend and I ordered a couple of main dishes and 3 Dim Sum dishes and let’s just say, I was in heaven. The food was really good and I can definitely see myself there again. 

Happiness – Dim Sum in Zurich – something I’ve wanted for a long long time


1) Uncle Seven Restaurant