“Muddy water, let stand, become clear”

I was watching my little boy play a computer game called Where’s my water?. The objective of the game was to clear mud so that water flowed into pipe that delivered water to Swampy the alligator so he could shower. Don’t ask me how people come up with these game ideas.

It reminded me of how over years, we build up so much mud in the form of old beliefs and thoughts. It’s no wonder things don’t flow as easily as we would want. First of all the water’s not clear, it’s totally cloudy. Often, we don’t even know where it comes from. 

Recently I had a few client sessions where I saw how a simple comment in childhood held them back for years to the point where they sabotaged themselves because they believed this belief. 

The comment was often given by a parent, a teacher or someone the person trusted so it was taken to heart. Sometimes it was said to protect them, sometimes out of frustration and sometimes it was the person’s own block and they were unconsciously passing it on. 

Mud is heavy and can weigh you down. Let the water stand, allow the muddy water to come clear and when you realise that you no longer need this mud, you can start to remove it. 

Just like the game, once you start removing it, things can start flowing again.