As I booked my next dentist appointment for February of next year, I wished the receptionist a happy Christmas. She laughed and said she wasn’t ready for it yet. Me neither, I was just joking around.

Then I realised that it’s only a couple of months away – which is a rather scary thought. Every year, it creeps up and I find myself in a frantic last minute online shopping spree to get everything done. 

So what can I do differently this year so that it’s not a mad rush? I guess tackle it like a project. Write out a task list. So what goes on this list? Here goes…


  • Plan the meetups and parties in the calendar
  • Decide on where you will be and book travel (if you haven’t already done it)
  • Decide who is hosting and cooking
  • Write out a Christmas present list and note down ideas
  • Make / Decide on your Christmas card
  • Write out a Christmas card list (if you are sending them – by post or electronically) and check last posting dates
  • Select photos from the year if you are making a Christmas album
  • Take it easy and chill out – what’s the point in stressing?

Every year, I have the wish that the preparations leading up to Christmas are as stress free as possible but most of the time, I end up, I believe like most, running around like a headless chicken. So call me crazy but I’m going to start giving it some thought already.

Have I missed anything?