Recently, quite a few of my friends who are small business owners have been feeling super overwhelmed with all the work they are doing. It’s usually combined with stress from home too, with family, keeping the household running, etc. I know the feeling too.

Often easier said than done, it’s so important to take a break. You know the feeling – you want to stop everything, absolutely everything. We want nothing more to do with anything and preferably run off to a desert island. Much to our disappointment, that’s not always practical. Of course, we can still dream that we can.

So what can we do? We do what we can with what we have. We look at what we can stop doing for a short period of time.  We take a break from some parts of our life. If we are being honest with ourselves, it’s not going to be a life or death situation if we take a break. 

The house can get a bit dusty, the kids can have pasta for the week, people don’t need to hear from us every day on social media. We can switch our phones off for a day or more, we can say bugger off to everyone and we can do something for ourselves.

It’s time to do something that recharges your batteries – you know what works for you best, be it a movie, a weekend break or something else. Enjoy!