As the world news is full of climate change, I don’t know about you but it makes me think what can I do?

My good friend Michelle Sabatini invited me to a talk that came about from her Pachamama (1) experience in Ecuador. She together with Marcus Williams introduced us to the Drawdown project (2), one of the leading resources for climate solutions.

It was a fascinating talk showing 100 projects that can be used to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of the main contributors were expected and others not. The top six were refrigeration, wind power, reducing food waste, plant-rich diet, educating girls and family planning.

They got us to consider what we currently do already and what we could look into and where we can make changes.

What inspired me was that we can make changes at 4 different levels; individual, family and friends, community and policy level. One of the videos they used explained that we as an individual can make the most impact at the community level, using the example of introducing Solar panels into schools, the kind of conversations you would have as much good as the task itself, from speaking to the board, students and the knock-on effects could be neighbouring schools, the families and more.

I loved that I came away thinking that I can make a difference. We all can – what can you do?


  1. https://www.pachamama.org/engage/drawdown
  2. https://www.drawdown.org/