This Black Friday, I want to show…


Black Friday has become known around the world as one of the biggest shopping days. People can go into a shopping frenzy with bargains left, right and centre. I’ve been caught up with the frenzies in the past too. 

I’m all for picking up a bargain or two, but when we take a step back, we often realise that we don’t need as much as we think. We live very rich lives no matter the number in your bank account. 

So today, instead of selling you something, I want to show Gratitude for having you as part of my journey. I would also like to remind you of all the wonderful things you have in your life.. 

I invite you to take 5 minutes for yourself to remind yourself that you probably already have everything you need. Take 5 minutes of quiet time just for yourself to appreciate the silence and your own thoughts. Or join me on a 5 minute guided gratitude meditation.

Thank you for being you!