Have you ever found your day chopped up? From client meeting to a call? From some research to producing a presentation? As I looked over my calendar, I often felt that my day was divided into many different tasks. This often involved multitasking and transitioning between tasks which aren’t the most efficient.

A while ago, I spoke to my friend Doris who is very efficient and she recommended dividing my tasks into blocks during the day. I could reserve a couple of days for clients, a day for deep work like research or writing and a day for meetings so I could truly focus on the tasks at hand and I knew which day was for what.

I have finally decided to try this and stick to it. What I have noticed about blocking out the calendar is that you really have to be true to the block and not overbook it as something “more” important comes up. It was important enough to be blocked out and therefore should stay. 

I thought I would ease myself in with one day a week and put in a repeating calendar entry. It’s meant that other appointments have been pushed out further but I think in the long run, this is the right way to go about reserving time for deeper and more thought required work.

Do you book days in your week for certain tasks?