What story would you share in 10 minutes?

This is what this year’s TedxZurich speakers had to do as it was their 10th anniversary (1). I feel that Ted events always expand my mind, to show me ideas and perspectives around areas I might not normally look at. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the whole thing but what I did see, I thoroughly enjoyed.

In particular, Philippa Dengler talked about Lifelong Employability through her thesis and offered a way for people to see how agile they are. Contrary to belief, it doesn’t matter how old you are but rather how open-minded you are around these areas. Lifelong Learning, Networks, Collaboration, Health and Career Development. She developed a quiz to help you reflect over each area on her website (2).

Another that stood out for me was a demo of augmented reality, helping bring the Old Masters Art to life, engaging the audience with the stories, morphing pieces into other portraits of the same person as they grew older. Very exciting but it also made me wonder just how will we know if something is real or not. I guess it’s always going to just be our perspective anyhow.

A key message that I left with was from a few speakers asking us to define what success meant to us. We are all different and success means different things.

If you had 10 minutes, what would you share?


1)    Thank you TedxZurich for all the hard work you put into your events.

2)    Employagility.ch

Photo: With Chantelle, Danna and Miki by the TedxZurich sign