«May this place of strength become a meeting place where cultural, spiritual and healing accomplishments come together.» –  Emma Kunz

Last week, I visited the Emma Kunz Grotto and Museum (1) in Würenlos, Switzerland with my good friend Astuti. Occasionally we take a day off and catch up whilst visiting somewhere new. Neither of us knew that much about Emma Kunz so went with an open mind. All I had heard about the Emma Kunz grotto was that it was a source of energy.

Emma Kunz was a Swiss healer who lived from 1892 to 1963. She described herself as a researcher. She is probably more known now for her artistic creations. She used a pendulum to create her work, often starting with a question and allowing the art to provide the answer. Her artwork has been described as sacred geometry. I find her work very symmetrical, balanced and feels very in sync with nature somehow.

On entering the cave, we received a map that showed us different levels of energy in the various parts of the cave so we ventured in, in silence and experienced the peace and tranquility of the place. Listening to our bodies, we went to the parts of the cave where we felt called. 

I really enjoyed being there and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get away from the frantic everyday pace to recharge the batteries.


  1. https://www.emma-kunz.com/en/emma-kunz/