Repetition. My father started to learn karate when he was 50 years old. He was very committed to it as he trained 6 to 7 times a week in the beginning. It was very inspirational as it showed me it’s never too late to pick up any skill. 

As I was reading Atomic Habits (1), I reflected on this as we often quote how long we have been doing something.  For example, you have been an advisor for 15 years or a runner for 5 years. What James Clear said in his book that rather than the time, it’s actually the repetitions that count. This is where you are building skill and habit.

It makes a big difference, say two similar people had been studying karate for 10 years. One of them trained two times a week and the other six times. They both can claim they have been studying for 10 years but my money is on the one who trained six times a week. 

My clients receive tailored audio recordings after their Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions with me and I ask them to listen to them for 21 days. Some ask if it’s ok when they have missed a day, others ask if they can listen more than once a day. It’s not actually the time, it’s the repetitions that count, so the more you do the better because you are reprogramming your mind to have more supporting beliefs. 

Where could you up to your reps?


  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear