Last year, Edson Williams (1), one of my accountability buddies and coach, asked me if something was within my circle of influence. What do you mean I asked? He explained it to me as what I can control and what I cannot. 

Since then I have gone onto share the concept with my own clients whenever I notice that people are being triggered by other people or external factors. I received feedback from a client who said “It was so interesting watching my parents argue with each other. Normally I would have gotten involved and annoyed too but this time, I realized it wasn’t in my circle of influence. It was such a relief!”

I found myself explaining it so many times that I asked Edson if he would be willing to do a video interview with me describing this. Fortunately, he said yes, so we produced a series of 3 short videos explaining what the circle of influence is, who inspired it and how you can influence beyond your circle of influence. 

You may have come across this concept before but still, it’s a such a good reminder knowing what you can control and what you cannot. Hopefully, it will help you identify areas where you can put this into practice and be less triggered or fall into old patterns that tend to spiral.

Let me know what you think and please share these videos with those you think would benefit: 


  1. Lead by Example

Part I - Circle of Influence (8:23)

Part II - Where does the Circle of Influence come from? (3:05)

Part III - Beyond the Circle of Influence (4:16)