I know I need to pay attention when I come across the same sentence again and again. Lately, I’ve come across the coaching words in books and from my mentors… Be – Do – Have.

It seems many people start with the Have or Do but do not change who they are. Instead, it would make more sense to start working on who you are (the Be) first, so mindset and identity before you do anything.

It’s more easily understood with an example:

Have – Do – Be: When I Have lost some weight, then I will be able to exercise more (Do) and then I will Be fit and healthy.

Be – Do – Have: I am a fit and healthy person (Be) which means I’ll Do some exercise which leads to me having more energy and feel better (Have).

Years ago, I read about this in one of Steve Pavlina’s (1) posts. He said imagine putting a fit person into an overweight person’s body. This person would make drastic changes with food or exercise because this is not who they are (the Be part).

The key question to ask is “Who do I need to be?” This may take some deeper thought to ask yourself what is important to you, what are your goals, etc. After this,  you can figure out what you need to do, then you will be one step closer to what you want to have.

So who do you need to be?


  1. Personal Development Coach – Steve Pavlina