I was listening to the book Chillpreneur (1) when Denise Duffield-Thomas said that you don’t have to be the best or the smartest to succeed in business and that it’s not a popularity contest.

Just a few days before, my friend Elif (2) had said the same thing about it not being a popularity contest so my ears pricked up.

So what is a popularity contest? A popularity contest is where the sole criterion for winning is how many votes one gets, such that the winner is the most liked contestant. 

Sometimes in the world of entrepreneurship, people are afraid they are not as good as someone else out there. They end up stopping themselves because they are afraid they won’t be liked. They find themselves paralysed at the first refund request, scared of what people may say or think so don’t make a Facebook Live or hit publish on their blog. 

In the Chillpreneur book, I liked when Denise said she going to be a contributor rather than a guru, it was so much easier for her. She had taken the pressure off herself and realised her voice was needed out there. There is room for everyone. Everyone has a different way, experience and manner that will appeal to someone out there. 

Would knowing it’s not a popularity contest help you move forward with your wishes?

Ps: if your fear is stopping you, then perhaps now is the time to book a discovery call with me to see where it comes from. Wouldn’t it be nice to breathe more easily and feel lighter?


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