Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) Idea Generator Think Tank (1). This is a subgroup of the PWG and is a masterminding group. 

I was part of this group many years ago when I was still working in corporate. It was one of the first groups I joined to expand my network. Over the years, they’ve been a fantastic support, providing great talks and opportunities for the members to meet and help one another.

Jane Piper, the organizer of this subgroup and author of the book, Focus in the Age of Distraction (1), has a storyteller come in and share their story for the first hour and after this, the floor is open to masterminding. This is where the members can ask a question and receive input from around the table.

Some of the ladies are happily working in corporate, others have their own business and some are making the transition so you get lots of advice from people at different stages. 

Some of the insights I took away from this meeting was that many of us who have set up our own company has faced similar challenges like visibility, pricing, finding clients, putting ourselves on social media, etc. A big takeaway was also to expect to make mistakes –  it’s part of the journey.

I highly recommend the PWG for women that are looking to expand their network, meet a friendly face and help one another. 


  1. Professional Women’s Group Zurich
  2. Focus in the Age of Distraction by Jane Piper