I found myself panicking when I realised I didn’t have enough time to get my blogs done or prepare for the next week due to unforeseen circumstances – my little boy is at home with me all week instead of being at daycare.

When I thought about not having enough time, my body contracted and I ended up stressing out, blaming the world and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Once I caught myself doing that, I took a deep breath and told myself I had plenty of time even though in reality I didn’t. The funny thing was that as I said it, my mood shifted and I felt better in an instant.

When I’m stressing out, I don’t get much done. I end up spending more time worrying whereas I would be far better off using the time more wisely. This little “I have plenty of time hack” gave me the space to see that I was the one causing my own stress and then I could use the time I had available more effectively.

I’m writing this blog post and it’s almost midnight and I’m ok with that. I choose how I spend my time. Others may choose to sleep and normally I would but given the circumstances, I decided to blog instead. 

So next time you are stressing over not having enough time, tell yourself you have plenty and see what happens. Maybe you’ll go into a dialogue with yourself or maybe you’ll find a moment to breathe and gain back a little time