It sounds like it should be the start of a joke but I’m not joking. When do you get a 100% No? You get a 100% No when you don’t even ask. 

I recently sent some emails to some schools asking about places for my son and my husband thanked me for doing it and said that I may not like the response, i.e. I may get a No. I replied that if I don’t ask, then it’s a No for sure. It’s a 100% No. 

If you ask, you have massively reduced your odds. Sometimes we fear the answer we may get, so rather than send an email or tell someone about our offering, we hold back and don’t say anything. 

Of course, it isn’t easy to hear a No for something, but then at least you know. Many of us fear rejection, that’s totally normal. Rejection therapy is where you seek Nos to desensitize the feeling. In some ways, it reminds me of bank traders, even if you have a bad day, you start the next day fresh and start all over. A blank slate, let’s go again.

So notice where you hold yourself back. Asking someone out for a coffee. Making a sales call. Contacting a conference. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know and that my friend, is 100% No. Let’s reduce those odds