Update your payment details to continue watching….

As a credit card expired, Netflix suddenly came to a stop. My automatic reaction was to renew but then I stopped and thought for a moment. It was an opportunity to gain back precious time.

The series and documentaries on Netflix are good, seriously good and seriously addictive. They know how to get you clicking on Next because they are designed that way. Before you know it, you have logged hours and hours. Often we justify it with “I need a break” or “Just one more won’t hurt” or “Yay, the next season is out, where’s the popcorn?” 

I remember the days of TV, where if you could stop watching TV, you would save yourself so much time. I don’t seem to hear people talking about binging on TV anymore but rather these subscription channels (and there are more of them coming as you know).

Last night, my automatic reaction was to watch something and then I remembered that I hadn’t renewed the payment details and I thought to myself, let’s give myself some time before I renew (if I renew). What did I do instead? I did an exercise program and meditated, a pretty good and I would say better use of my time.

I’m seeing it as a mini detox. I haven’t committed to a 30-day challenge or anything like that yet but am noticing how I am feeling about it. 

To renew or not to renew – the question remains (at least for this blog post). What do you think?