When was the last time you felt like you were a beginner with something? Did you like that feeling? I can imagine some of you saying yes and some of you saying no. 

Often when we start something new, it can be fun because it’s so different from what we are used to. Yet, there can also be frustration as things are brand new and there’s a learning curve involved.

Recently, I can speak from my own experience with learning a martial art, Wing Chun. It applies to every time I’ve been a beginner at something. 

In my class, I have been shown forms and the first few times someone showed me them, I felt totally clueless and wondered if I would ever be able to learn it. It pretty much went straight over my head and I questioned the whole thing. However, after just a few attempts, it started to make sense bit by bit. 

How about you? Think back to the first time you went to a dance class or picked up a new hobby. With a beginner’s mindset, you can approach things with fewer preconceptions. It’s easier to ask questions compared to when you have been doing it for a while and are afraid to ask for fear of looking stupid. You can also bring new insights and question why things are done a certain way because you’re not so entangled in it yet. 

I must say, I quite enjoy being a beginner as there is so much to learn, so much room to grow and develop. If you don’t feel like a beginner with something at the moment, I highly recommend seeking something new out!