My friend Cecile Bastien Remy invited me to an online apero last Friday to share in a group of ladies our first week of being at home. On the call, one of the ladies named it a Zapero as it was an apero on Zoom. 

We went around each person saying what was challenging and what we were proud of. It was interesting to hear the different experiences, most of which were very positive. Most of the ladies said that they were feeling calm, decided not to put pressure on themselves and had appreciated the extra time with the children, even realising their kids were capable of more than they thought. Some of the families had taken to homeschooling rather easily whilst others took a bit more adjustment. 

What was challenging for me was to find ways to educate and entertain my 5-year-old son and sharing the work time with my husband. What I was particularly proud of was that my little boy learnt to cycle (we live in a car-free area and kept away from people) so that was one of the positives to come out of the extra time together.

It was rather comforting and useful to hear what people were doing with their time as we could all find things to try out. Some were investing in sports equipment for the home, planning the day, doing the things you’ve been wanting to do for a while like painting with the kids, etc.

What was challenging for you working from home? And what are you proud of?