Humans adapt quickly. Once the lockdown was announced, many of the in-person appointments our family had went online. I’m sure it’s been the same for you.

I’ve been impressed by the speed that some people have adapted. A friend, Krisztina Balazs (1) who has a dance school in Zurich started offering online dance classes on Zoom. She said it really works, she just needed to adapt the content to train at home. As a teacher, she could watch and check what her students were doing and give feedback. Her students enjoyed the online classes too, saying it was just like being in one of her normal classes.

As I talked to her, it made me realise what an opportunity to try something different, something she may not have done had this situation not arisen. It is giving her students the opportunity to continue their classes and hone their skills whilst she can offer her services to people further afield.

I know there are a lot of businesses changing at the moment, so it’s crucial to see what is possible, to try things out and adapt to what people want and need. In every crisis, there is a big element of opportunity as well, so start with thinking a different way of working is possible and can be done and go from there.

I would say that humans are born to adapt, it’s part of our nature. Where are you adapting?


  1. https://www.krizouk.ch/