Last week, Danna Levy Hoffmann of Organilicious (1) and I offered a webinar on Take Control of your Eating Habits. It was originally going to be a live workshop however we moved it onto Zoom given the circumstances.

Danna explained why we often used food to suppress emotions in times of high stress as we don’t want to feel the discomfort. She followed up with a great exercise on how to deal with stress and negative thinking to confront our emotions instead of suppressing them. Here are some of the notes I took where she gave practical tips on eating more healthily.

  1. If you really want to eat something unhealthy, let’s say chocolate or crisps, then eat something healthy first like nuts, fruit or veg. That way, you will have eaten something good for your body as well and will probably eat less of the not so healthy option.
  2. Upgrade your food choices. Go for organic options, choose better oils, eat more fruit and vegetables, reduce sugar and flour, etc.
  3. Don’t go shopping when you are hungry otherwise you may end up buying unhealthy options. Don’t buy unhealthy options in the shop so you won’t have them at home. Consider online shopping as you have more time to consider removing something from the basket.
  4. Chew your food at least 20 times and practice mindful eating. 
  5. Do a brain dump before you eat, listing out all the things you have on your mind. That way, it is all out on paper so you can relax and separate how you feel with what you are eating.

After Danna’s part, I gave the Rapid Transformational Therapy part guiding people to discover what was the root and cause of their eating habits that were not supporting them. It was interesting to see that some people went to positive scenes were food was always used to express love and others went to negative scenes where they were made to feel uncomfortable around food or even had tension in their body.

We do so much out of habit so having that understanding is usually the key to change. The participants were able to understand what was causing their eating habit behaviors and could now change this together with the support of audio they will listen to for 21 days. 

These sessions are often enlightening for the participants as they understand why they do the things they do. Now they can more easily change this to something that better supports them.

How are your eating habits?


  1. Danna Levy Hoffmann of Organilicious