As an Obliger according to the 4 Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin (1), someone who meets external expectations but not internal expectations, I am always reminded that having an accountability partner helps me so much.

I’ve been doing an exercise program at home and chatting my good friend Daniela every day as I complete each day’s exercise. Without her there, I am sure I would have skipped days. Knowing that she is waiting for my input, I will do the exercises, even though it’s late at night.

As an Obliger, it’s better if I announce what I am doing, that way there is much higher chance of it happening. So for example, a while ago, I said I would write 4 blog posts a week and it happens. If I hadn’t announced that, it’s unlikely I would have got to this point.

As an Obliger, attending a regular class is a great way to make sure what you want to do is done. Let’s say you want to exercise, then joining a group will often help. If you want to write a book, then joining a regular writing class would also help.

As an Obliger, once we know we are one, we can create the environment around us that supports our nature. Sure, it can be annoying that we need external structures to get stuff done but once we get over ourselves and accept it, life becomes a lot easier.

Are you an Obliger?


1) https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/what-do-you-need-to-build-a-good-habit/