I managed to make a blueberry smoothie for breakfast. I managed to speak to my client. I managed to cook lunch and dinner. I managed to do speech therapy with my son. I managed to declutter the drawing cupboard. I managed to pay some bills. I managed to write this blog post…

Isn’t that better than saying I didn’t manage to do this today and I didn’t manage to do that. 

In one of my last blog posts, in this lockdown situation, I asked if you had gained or lost time? For those of you that have lost work time, you may have been saying to yourself what you haven’t managed to do. I encourage you to flip it to the other side and ask what you have managed to do instead.

When we focus on what we did do, there’s less room for the negative and beating up of self. It is very similar to the gratitude exercise and it takes practice to acknowledge yourself for what you have done.

As I spoke to a good friend about this who was also feeling a bit frustrated, we realized that we are all learning to do things differently. We’ve had our habits and patterns for possibly years and now we are forced to do things differently so it’s not surprising that we get a bit annoyed now and then.

So what did you manage to do today?