I wake up in the morning feeling energized and refreshed, start the day with meditation on my terrace that overlooks the lake, enjoy a healthy breakfast with my family and start my laptop in my beautiful office. I’m working on my conference speech and my virtual assistant updates me on the latest developments in my business…..

I am listening to the book Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas (1). She shared an exercise where you describe your ideal day. I’ve done this exercise in the past and it’s a wonderful thing to do as it makes you think about what you want. It doesn’t matter that your reality is different, everyone starts somewhere.

I don’t have a terrace that overlooks the lake….yet. My husband and I were having fun brainstorming what it was we wanted and he dreamt of having a terrace and I dreamt of having a view over a lake. I dream of having a team of virtual assistants helping me with tasks in the background, I currently work with one and would like to expand this so that I can focus on the areas that I excel at. Admin is one of the areas I am happy to outsource.

When we describe our ideal day, we can start making steps towards it. If you can allow yourself to dream (and not talk yourself out of anything) – what would your ideal day look like?


  1. Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield Thomas