Over the last week, I spoke to a few friends and clients who shared that a part of them felt good because there were less demands and expectations placed on them during this special situation.

It was said with almost a sense of guilt as if they shouldn’t be feeling good about being locked down. I understood what they meant. You don’t need to be anywhere anymore. You don’t need to take your kids places. You don’t need to fix anything. Everyone understands that it’s challenging times and give each other more slack.

It’s a good chance to look at all the things you felt you had to do before and really ask if you still need to do them in the future. I read somewhere that hobbies and things you didn’t enjoy before will fall to the wayside. We’ll join that online class instead of trekking across town saving on commute time. We’ll keep our carbon footprint a bit lower by working from home a couple of extra days a week now we know it’s totally doable. 

My husband mentioned to me that he’s getting used to online shopping and will definitely keep that (although I must say he’s been a bit click happy as I unpacked our 3rd dinosaur puzzle for our little boy – haha). 

When we identify what it is we really like, we can keep hold of the good stuff and let go of all the demands that suck Could you do with less demands in your life?