Last week, I gave a free Rapid Transformational Therapy workshop on the subject “Feel more secure in uncertain times”. Afterwards, I received feedback that it was reassuring and comforting knowing that people were having similar thoughts and that the conversation was open and deeper. 

I asked people to share what was on their minds during this time and many of the people shared that they were particularly worried about their loved ones and family members in other countries. It was tough for them not being able to visit or support them if they got sick. 

Other thoughts were getting sick ourselves, worrying about the job situation, the economy and how the recession would play out, thinking about when and if there would be a vaccine and not really knowing when the lockdown would end or if there would be another one.

People wanted to feel calmer, relaxed, know that they could handle anything that came up, feel that they were still connected despite being away from loved ones, that change was natural and a part of life and they saw and took the opportunities and could grow as a person from this experience. 

As I write this, in Switzerland they have announced the first phase of opening up and I feel a bit of relief and also a lot of questions bubbled up about how it’s going to be. Like everyone else, I’ve had my ups and downs with the situation. I know it won’t be back to normality as we know it previously and so we make the best out of what comes. 

I will offer another free Feel more secure in uncertain times workshop on the 22nd April 2020 – if you would like to join, please register here on Eventbrite.