With the lockdown, lots of industries have stopped. Work dried up in a matter of days and it’s shocking. My good friend, coach and accountability buddy Edson Williams typically work with people in the film industry as a performance coach and this industry was one of the ones that stopped.

Initiator and Firestarter that he is, Edson started offering a free four-week seminar on “How to work when there’s no work” to his clients so they can offer something that’s relevant for people now. They are creative by nature and now they are getting even more creative. They are being flexible, adaptable and listening to what people need. 

Edson is showing them tools that they can use right now and for the future so they can create sustainable projects that make a difference in the world, showing them it’s possible to be of value in any environment.

Edson and I have often collaborated with each other and to further help this group move forward, I offered a group Rapid Transformational Therapy session to see what was holding them back from putting themselves and their new offerings out there. It was so inspiring to see them realise what was holding them back, knowing they can let go of that now and move forward.

Some of my friends have expressed interest in joining a new group that Edson is offering and I said that I would extend the invitation out to my network, so if you are interested, click here. 

Don’t let the belief that “there’s no work” stop you from working and doing what you love!