I was speaking to a client who was nervous about running a workshop online for the first time. I reminded her that she probably had the same feeling when she gave the same workshop in person the first time too. I asked her how she felt after she had given it 3 or 4 times and she remembered that it was fine.


The first time we do anything is often the scariest. It’s ok to be scared, that’s natural even. There’s a fine line between being scared and excited. Sometimes by reminding ourselves that we have done it in some form in the past helps, like stepping into your first ever job interview, walking into the office on the first day at work or feeling the opening night jitters playing your part in a theatre show.


The more that you do something, the more you can relax into it and enjoy it. Yes, the first time may not go as you plan but that’s where the second, third and more times come in where you can tweak and adjust making it better and better as you go along. I know of a very successful entrepreneur who ran the same webinar every week improving it every time till it was the best she could give.


So if you find yourself being nervous about doing something for the first time, just remember that in some similar way, you’ve done it before and you can do it again.