I found myself often clearing up after dinner. It’s because I thought I was quicker than my husband in doing it. I saw the same pattern when I visited my parents and saw my mum doing everything because she thought she was quicker. It dawned on me that we were all losing. 

On the one side, I found myself getting resentful because I felt I was doing so much. On the other side, it was me who wasn’t giving my husband a chance to learn and grow. When I realized this, I let my husband clear up, who to be fair had all along wanted to do it. It’s not always done the way I want it but hey, I don’t need to do it and it’s done.

This can be applied to all us perfectionists who end up doing lots of tasks that could be outsourced instead. It frees up our time plus it gives the other party an opportunity to get better at the task. It might even show a new way of doing something so we can also learn from them too.

It’s the same as for kids, if you end up always doing something for them, they will never get the opportunity to learn. However, if you slowly give them more and more responsibility, they become more capable and independent. 

Where could you give someone the opportunity to grow? And get some time back for yourself in the meantime?