“Things started flowing when I started giving.”

I shared this in my Become a profitable six-figure business owner talk at the Your Business with Soul summit last week. I had offered some of my fellow entrepreneurs this workshop, then “Feel more secure in uncertain times” workshops followed by other ones for different groups. I feel things started flowing because I was giving from a genuine place of giving and

I was taking action.

I noticed this with some of my entrepreneur friends too. Many of them are giving as well in different forms. When you have your own business, there’s often a lot of questioning going on, “Will this work?”, “How shall I present it?”, “What kind of marketing shall I use?” and by getting on with things, it gets you moving, changing and tweaking as you go along. 

How can I best describe it? It’s like taking away some stones from a river, the water starts flowing more freely. There’s less time to think, question and doubt. The momentum allows us to flow, create and give more value.

Perhaps you have experienced this too, it’s often hard to get started, but once you have, sometimes you wonder why it took you so long to get started. So if you find yourself stalling in some form, think about how you can give instead because it might just start freeing things up for you. 

Try giving more and see what happens.