“Fear of failure” is a classic.

My mastermind buddy Isa Hiemann (1) helps people take their work-life to the next level. She is currently running a group where she helps people work out what their dream job is and how to find it. She asked me to run an RTT workshop for her group where we worked on what was blocking them to find their dream job.

“Afraid of failure, scared I won’t make enough money, unsure about skills, don’t know enough.” I think anyone who has considered a career change has had these thoughts. I certainly remember going through them myself. Having been there, I knew what it was like feeling frustrated and not knowing where to go.

As always with RTT, I am always amazed by how much understanding you can get in a short period of time so that you can let go of old emotional baggage. You see why you have been feeling like you have now because it’s often based on earlier experience, often in childhood which left an impression in your subconscious. 

Since your subconscious is always trying to protect you, it doesn’t want you feeling that way anymore so will do its utmost to avoid you feeling like that again. Hence the self-sabotage, critical talk, self- doubt, etc. 

If you aren’t in your dream job, what thoughts and beliefs are stopping you? Everyone should be in their dream job.


  1. https://isa-hiemann.com/