For those that know me, you know I’m rather partial to a bit of chocolate. Ok, confession time, I’m a chocoholic.

I live in Switzerland and Switzerland is known for chocolate and also for quality. When you put 1 and 1 together – you get Sprüngli (1).

Yesterday, I popped in and bought a small chocolate Gugelhöpfli to share with a friend and I was telling her that I love everything about Sprüngli. I joked that I had been through their range but have yet to come across anything I don’t like. I consider myself a superfan.

I have always been a fan. Their range costs a bit more but the quality is consistent, the packaging is good and the service is typically top notch. My little boy gets a complimentary Luxemburgerli (2) whenever we pop in but they really received my superfan status when it was my birthday.

I signed up for a loyalty card and on my birthday, they let me choose a birthday gift – chocolate or Luxemburgerli. Although I love Luxemburgerli, I went for the chocolate and oh my god, were they good! Superfans buy everything you have to offer and their loyalty card system has worked better for me than most other cards I have.

It got me thinking, what can we do in our businesses to have superfans? Provide excellent quality products, service, attention to detail and occasionally surprises.

Let me know what you do to get superfans!


1) Confiserie Spruengli

2) In case you don’t know what Luxemburgerli are: https://www.spruengli.ch/en/shop/luxemburgerli.html