“Duumm, duumm, duummmmmm”

Years ago, I remember watching a documentary about how music influenced movies. They played two short scenes, one from a horror movie with two different sets of music, one scary and one happy. They then played a cartoon with the same music, one scary and one happy. 

It was the music that made all the difference – when they played the scary music, both scenes felt scary and when they played the happy, both scenes felt happy. I would always remember this because whenever I was watching a horror movie (I used to, I don’t anymore – way too wussy now ☺ ) and I was getting too scared, I would just turn the sound off and I could get through the scene. 

It made me think of the commentary we run through our heads, when we are in fear mode and all the comments are negative, it’s easy to turn any scene into something negative, whereas when we are thinking more happy and positive thoughts, it’s easier to turn any scene into something more positive.

Let’s say you say to yourself “Things suck”, “I’m so unlucky”, “Why do things never work out for me?”. It’s like having the scary music playing constantly in the background making any situation scarier. I’m not saying that we should always listen for birds tweeting and babies giggling but what I am suggesting is to become more aware of the thoughts going through your head. 

What kind of music are you playing to yourself every day?