At one of last week’s Emotional Eating workshops with Danna Levy Hoffmann, I was surprised by the number of positive scenes that came up for people surrounding food. Actually, I shouldn’t really be surprised because we associate food with so many things.

Many of the participants of the course went to happy festive scenes, celebrating good times, where food was used to show love. As a child, sweets, cakes, chocolate and crisps were often given as a treat or was something special. 

When we are craving for something, it can be that we are looking for that same feeling we had as a child, where we felt we belonged, surrounded by loved ones, celebrated, felt special and good about ourselves. 

Next time you find yourself automatically reaching for something, catch yourself, take a deep breath and ask what it is that you are looking for. It’s not really the chocolate or the crisps. Perhaps it’s the connection with someone you crave, then pick up the phone and speak to someone. Perhaps it’s the sadness that wants to come through, sit on the sofa and let yourself cry, let the emotion come out. Perhaps you are tired, recognize it for what it is and pop out for a walk instead. Whatever it is, start feeling the emotion slowly and you’ll feel better for it afterwards.

If you take the time to acknowledge your emotions and feelings, you can slowly say goodbye to Emotional Eating