I am Selina and I am here for you»

As the chat started scrolling and everyone stated that they were here for each other, both Edson and I were touched. We were at the beginning of the Create the future you want journey starting with developing everyone’s life purpose (1)

Edson started the course by talking about Interdependence. When you first hear this word, you may think of codependency or a need to rely on someone else but there’s a difference. By working on our life purposes, we get to know who we truly are and don’t require external influences to validate ourselves. Instead, we know that we live in a community where we choose to support and be supported by others. 

There are many areas in our lives where we are interdependent. In order to help, someone needs to allow you to help. In order for you to give, someone needs to receive. In an interdependent relationship, each party chooses to be there, both giving and receiving. 

It’s a big difference. It’s saying I know who I am, I choose to be here, I have your back, I know that we are stronger together.

Who are you here for?


  1. https://www.selinamankarlsson.ch/362-create-the-future-you-want/