Beating yourself up does not help.

I used to work for a bank and I remember seeing how traders would get up and go about their day’s trading no matter how bad the day before was. They knew it was a brand-new day and therefore a fresh start.

I know from my own experience and from speaking with clients how easy it is to get into the beating up of self when you didn’t do something you wanted to do and then continue not to do what you wanted to do. For example, where you snacked a bit whilst on a diet and therefore declared the diet out the window and promptly made it worse by ordering in a big pizza. Where you fell off the bandwagon with exercise and didn’t get back on. 

The layers of guilt, excuses, annoyance at self build up over time and you get even less done as your mind is filled with these negative thoughts. 

One of my favourite authors is James Clear and he writes about building good habits. James has a great article about getting back on track (1) where he says “You don’t need superhuman willpower, you just need strategies that can pull you back on track.” It’s getting back on the bandwagon that will make the difference and not making excuses or feeling sorry for yourself or beating yourself up. That just makes it harder to get back on.

So, if you take away anything from this blog, make it “Start the new day afresh”.


  1. https://jamesclear.com/get-back-on-track